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Resources for Grades 4-6


Class Schedule - 5th & 6th

Mr. Fox's Class Policies

Social Studies Google Classroom Code: 631h4i5

Science Google Classroom Code: 06lgsws

Special Deadlines

November 5 - Point Dume Field Trip ($2 and Permission Slip)

November 18 - States and capitals test (all) - Quizlet flashcards link:

October 28, Monday - Master the states north and west of Texas

November 4, Monday - Master the middle states

November 11, Monday - Master the eastern states

November 18, Monday - Test over all states and capital

History Museum Deadlines

November 6, Wednesday - Turn in monologue.

November 11, Monday - Turn in backdrop.  Have your monologue memorized.

November 12, Tuesday - Museum Night rehearsal

November 14, Thursday - Museum Night

Native America Project Deadlines

Native American Research Project - Stage One Overview

Topic Assignments

October 21 - Three books on topic from library

October 28 - Finish research

November 3 - Return to me any books I let you borrow.  Turn in notes if you haven't already done so.

Deadlines for Garden Crews

Flag crew - Create a flag by Friday, October 18

Fence Crew - Proposal for Fall Fair booth by Friday, October 11

Compost Crew - Teach school about compost on Friday, October 11.  Start collecting food scraps on Monday, October 14.

Worm Casting Crew - Blueprints for worm casting bin on Friday, October 11

Resource Managers - Get a bucket by Friday, October 11

Our Country Project


Objective: To create opportunity

  1. For wonder and creativity to come to life

  2. For students to have individual and corporate ownership over the outcome of a large project

  3. To connect classroom learning to real life skills and problem solving

  4. To develop the leadership skills and character habits vital to being successful and impactful


Throughout the year, we are focusing on developing the seven habits of effective people, as laid out in Steven Covey’s book.

  1. Be proactive

  2. Keep the end in mind

  3. Put first things first

  4. Think win-win

  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood

  6. Synergize

  7. Sharpen the saw


Parent Guide

Fundraising Guides

Fundraising Accounts

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Name Crew
Fence Crew
Compost Managers
Worm Casting Crew
Resource Managers

Our Country: Ke Ola ("Life")

Name Crew
Land Surveyors
Fence Crew
Compost Managers
Worm Casting Crew
Resource Managers