Hands-On Learning​


We believe that education is more than just learning information; it is also about knowing what to do with what we know, being able to learn on our own, and having the character traits necessary to live an impactful, meaningful, and fulfilled life.  We believe the best way to achieve this is to make learning practical, relevant, and possible.  Linda Vista is blessed with an extensive and rural campus, and it is our goal to develop these resources to further hands-on learning opportunities.

Each child at our school receives a plot of land as his/her personal garden.  Through ownership and stewardship of this garden, students learn lessons such as care taking, diligence, planning, resourcefulness, investment, etc.

We are working toward developing a quarter-acre of our campus into a Builders' Club makerspace, where students of all ages can use age-appropriate materials to dream, plan, and build.

In the future, we plan to convert a portion of our property into an alpaca and sheep pasture to further a culture of wonder and excitement, to emphasize God's creation, and to provide opportunities for entrepreneurship.


We'd love to meet you and to show you our program!


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