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New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment Checklist

  1. Complete the New Student Application, pay the non-refundable Application Fee, and submit the following:

    1. Academic Records (Birth certificate or passport for TK/K)

    2. Letter of Recommendation

    3. Testimony as to why you would like to enroll at LVAES (essay format, creative video presentation, or any method of your choosing)

  2. Meet with the principal

  3. Formal review by Admissions Committee


Upon acceptance into the program:

  1. Make financial arrangements

  2. Complete and sign enrollment forms

    1. Consent to Treatment

    2. Student Medical Record

    3. Physician's Examination (Upon entering school for the first time and at 7th grade)

    4. Acknowledgement and Permission Form


Once approved, all students are admitted for an initial probationary period.  This period will give the school office and faculty the necessary opportunity to determine grade placement and evaluate citizenship status, financial status, academic progress, behavioral trends, and other data upon which to grant or deny permanent acceptance.

At the end of very school year (beginning in 2020), each returning student will be required to submit testimony as to why he/she would like to re-enroll at LVAES (essay format, creative video presentation, or any method of your choosing).

Submit Forms Online

You may use the links below to submit your enrollment forms online using's secure technology.  However, if the form you are submitting includes protected information, such as a social security number, please bring the physical copy in to our office.

Please use this format for your file names: [Last name, First Name] - [Form Name]