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Support Opportunities

Volunteer Time or Labor

Hot Lunch

Volunteer to organize a nutritious, vegetarian hot lunch fundraiser for one of our programs


  • Weed flower beds

  • Trim weeds around campus (We have a walk-behind trimmer)

  • Repair sprinklers

  • Install timer system for sprinklers

  • Re-seed bare areas on front lawn

  • Install drip system for bougainvillea bushes along front fence line

  • Clear weeds from avocado orchard

  • Prune avocado trees

  • Repair irrigation system in avocado orchard

Classroom Support

  • To be updated as needs arise

Financial or Material Donations


  • Tuition assistance - Flat donations, child sponsorships, or monthly contributions

Technology Needs

  • New or used Apple products (iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs, Macs, etc.)

  • Upgraded projectors ~$1200/each

  • Digital SLR cameras

  • Quality wireless microphones and A/V equipment for our auditorium

  • Materials that can be used for STEM projects, such as small electric motors, wires, science lab equipment, microscopes, etc.


  • Financial donations to renew our avocado orchard

  • Garden supplies (shovels, rakes, watering cans, composting supplies, etc.) for our student gardens project

  • Commercial vacuums

  • Pressure washer

  • Walk-behind string trimmer

  • New flooring in classrooms ~ $5000 per classroom

  • Repaint in classrooms

  • Repaint exterior

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