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Dual-Language Immersion Kindergarten


Linda Vista is one of the only private schools in Ventura County that offers a 50/50 dual-language immersion kindergarten program.  Our goal with this program is to lay the foundation for all of our children to become bilingual, giving them advantages in cognitive development, cultural understanding, future employment opportunities, and opening to them a world of possibility.


Kindergarten's core academic classes are taught 100% in English in the morning, and the afternoon program is taught 100% in Spanish.  Our students exit kindergarten being able to read in both English and Spanish.

We began our dual-language immersion kindergarten program in 2021.  As our first dual-langauge class advances through the grades, we are adding 30 minutes of daily Spanish instruction to our other classrooms.  Our 1st/2nd classroom is receiving classes this year, and our 3rd/4th grade classroom will begin receiving classes in 2023-2024.


We'd love to meet you and to show you our program!

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