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Our Team

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5-8 Bible & Science

NJHS Advisor

Lois DeWitt

Mrs. DeWitt teaches kindergarten in the morning and middle school science and Bible in the afternoon. 


Mrs. DeWitt has been teaching for 25 years.  After receiving her degree from the University of Guam, she has taught multiple grade levels from kindergarten to 8th grade in both the public and private sectors.  Her personality, experience, and skills are well-suited for helping children to joyfully discover more about Christ, their world, each other, and themselves in a deeply encouraging and caring manner.

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Spanish Immersion

Sandra Haynes

Mrs. Haynes teaches the Spanish immersion portion of our kindergarten program.


She was raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, and lives in Moorpark with her husband, two sons, and their dog Ranger. Working with children for the past 10 years has been a very joyful and rewarding journey in Mrs. Haynes' life, and it is her passion as a Christian educator to teach children in a loving, caring, and respectful environment where they can feel accepted and loved the same way Jesus, our savior, loves us. She is full of energy and joy as she finds ways creative ways to make language learning fun.

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1st/2nd Grades

Renee Aguilar




Mrs. Aguilar was born and raised in Oxnard, California and grew up just down the street from Linda Adventist Elementary School.  She attended Newbury Park Adventist Academy, and then received her teaching credentials from California Lutheran University.  She has been teaching at LVAES since 2004. She loves the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking and skiing.

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3rd/4th Grades

Robotics Coach

Heidi Pennock


Mrs. Pennock was part of the Linda Vista family for many years before joining our teaching team as the 3rd and 4th grade teacher.  She loves to bring learning alive through fun and creative hands-on activities and has a passion for guiding children in developing a personal walk with Jesus. An excellent robotics coach, she was named the North American Division Robotics Coach of the Year is 2022.  She lives in Camarillo with her husband and three children.

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5th/6th Homeroom


Nancy Hernandez

Ms. Hernandez is passionate about Jesus and education. She enjoys making her classroom fun, interactive, practical, and spiritual. Before coming to LVAES, she worked as a teacher and women’s dean for SOULS West Bible College. Having worked in full time outreach ministry, she loves working with her students in developing a personal, practical faith. Her only desire is to point them heavenward. She attended La Sierra University and received a B.A in History. She enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and reading.

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7th/8th Homeroom

Math & STEAM Lab


Jonathan Fox

Mr. Fox believes God created us to love him, love his children, and to live fully this adventure called Life.  His passion in education is to help children find relevancy and excitement in learning and to grow their desire to use all the resources that God has given them to take care of those around us.  He loves to travel, work on cars, and spend time with family.  Before moving to Ventura County, Mr. Fox and his family spent a Sabbath year of intentional unemployment living in Costa Rica to grow in faith, spend time together as a family, and serve a community in need.

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Will DeWitt

Mr. DeWitt brings experience and passion to the band students he works with.  His student ensembles have travelled the globe. From the Sydney Opera House to Carnegie Hall to Westminster Abbey and beyond, performances at two Olympic Games and international music festivals have earned glowing reviews and numerous awards.
Among the hallmarks of his teaching are an emphasis on music literacy and ensemble unity.  With an M.A. in Music Education (Rutgers), Mr DeWitt engages LVAES students in the joy of learning and acquiring musical skill for the purpose of paying it forward.

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Teachers' Aide

Lilly Tryer

Miss Lilly was born and raised in California and attended Linda Vista Adventist Elementary school as well as Newbury Park Adventist Academy.  She has worked at Linda Vista for 23 years.  She loves music and reading.

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After School Care

Lisa Andrade

Mrs. Andrade was born in Ventura, California and has lived in Santa Paula, California since the age of 14. She attended Ventura College where she earned a Certificate in Child Development and Clerical. She has two children that both attended Linda Vista and are now currently attending Adventist universities. She has worked at Linda Vista for 10 years and is very appreciative to be working at this wonderful school.  When not at Linda Vista, she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking.

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Marketing & Communications Specialist,

PTO President

Dulce Zavala

Ms. Dulce is an alumna of LVAES, a parent of two Linda Vista Falcons, and is our PTO president.  In addition to being PTO president, she is part of our front office team and assists with our communications.  Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she practiced dental hygiene, earning a B.S. in dental hygiene from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  Her passions include spreading the word about Jesus and His love for all.  She strongly holds on to the promise of Romans 8:28 that God works for our good “in all things.”

Erin Adams

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Jorge Andrade

We are so appreciative of Mr. Andrade and his hard work in maintaining and improving our campus!  From janitorial, to grounds, to our physical plant, Mr. Andrade does it all.

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