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Ski Trip 2023

Our annual ski trip will take place on Thursday, February 9.  This is an optional whole-school field trip to Mt. High ski resort in the San Gabriel Mountains.  Although students are not required to attend, we strongly encourage everyone’s participation.  Families are welcome to attend.


Supervision: Please note that families are required to arrange their own transportation to Mt. High and supervision for their child at the resort.  Our staff cannot supervise students on the slopes.

Ski Clothes: LVAES has a collection of ski clothes that we make available to students at no cost.  (A deposit is required.). Inquire in the office.


Scholarships: If your child would like to learn to ski or snowboard but the cost is beyond your family’s financial ability, please contact Mr. Fox regarding possible scholarships.

Sign Up Deadline: Tuesday, January 17

Prices for Ages 5 & 6

Lift ticket free with a paying adult.  Must verify age with birth certificate.

No lessons offered.

Prices for Ages 7-12
Lesson Package - $199, which includes 1 hour 45 minute Lesson, rentals, and lift ticket.
Lift ticket a la carte - $54

Rental a la carte - $37

Prices for Ages 13+

Lesson Package (Lesson, rentals, and lift ticket - $199)

Lift ticket a la cart - $94

Rental a la carte - $44

Mt. High Liability/Release Form

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