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LVAES Dress Code

Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School has contracted with Land's End to provide our school uniform.  You can shop with the school code 900163353.

We have revised our uniform policy to lower your costs and simplify the purchasing of uniforms.  The revised policy allows students to purchase uniform polos, pants, and outerwear from companies other than Land’s End, according to the following guidelines:

  • Items must be identical in style and fit to what is available on

  • Polo shirts and tops must have the LVAES logo embroidered through Coastal Embroidery in Camarillo (2263 Pickwick Dr.).  The cost for embroidery is $10 per item.


LVAES also has a selection of used uniforms available for a low cost.  Please inquire in the office to see if we have something in your child's size.

Uniform Overview

Monday-Thursday: All students are required to wear the Linda Vista uniform.

Tops - LVAES-logo polo shirt.  Girls may choose to wear an LVAES-logo dress, plaid skirt, or plaid jumper instead.

Pants - Chino pants or shorts in khaki or navy blue.  All pants should fit well, not tight and not loose.

Outerwear - Any print-free and logo-free (except for the LVAES logo and sweatshirts purchased by the student on their 5th/6th or 7th/8th class trip) jacket or sweatshirt.

PE Uniform: Grades 5-8 are required to wear royal blue basketball-style shorts (close to the knee in length and not tight or baggy) and a regular fitting, athletic-style white, gray, or royal blue t-shirt during PE class.  Please see the photo below to visualize the look and style.  PE shirts with our Falcon logo can be purchased from Land's End.

Fridays: Along with the uniform chino pants or shorts, students can wear the Falcon field trip shirt or an LVAES jog-a-thon shirt instead of the LVAES-logo tops.  Students can choose to pay $1 to wear jeans (not tight, baggy, or ripped) instead of the chino pants/shorts; this money goes to support the 7th/8th grade class trip.

Field Trips: Unless otherwise informed, students should wear the Falcon field trip shirt and jeans.


Boys – White-collared, button-down dress shirt (short or long sleeved), black slacks (not tight or baggy), black dress socks, black belt, black dress shoes, and a blue tie (provided by LVAES).

Girls – White-collard, button-down shirt (short or long sleeved), solid black skirt that is knee length and not tight, solid black tights or knee-high solid black socks, and black dress shoes, and a blue tie (provided by LVAES).

LVAES Dress Code Policy - School Handbook

The LVAES student image and dress policy emphasizes professionalism, simplicity, and modesty and seeks to instill in each student a sense of order and respect for him or herself, other students, and faculty. "No education can be complete that does not teach right principles in regard to dress." Education p. 246


Students must wear the appropriate uniform attire from Lands End with the LVAES logo.  Hats and accessories should not be worn.


Students’ hair should be clean and well groomed; hairstyles should not be extreme in length or style.  Boys’ hair length should be above the collar & ear. Nail polish should be clear or neutral color. Bright nail polish of any color is not permitted.


Makeup and hair color should provide for a natural look. Nail polish should be clear or a neutral color. In order for this dress code to be effective, it is mandatory that every student be dressed in the prescribed school attire every school day. An effective, enforced, dress code minimizes the amount of time spent on monitoring dress.


Linda Vista t-shirt should be worn for all field trips and may be worn on Fridays.


Jewelry should not be worn to school or to school events. This includes bracelets, wristbands, necklaces, rings, studs, expensive or elaborate hair accessories, etc.


When a free dress day is declared, students must wear appropriate and modest clothing that follow the standards list above.  Additional guidelines:


  • No hats

  • All shirts must have sleeves

  • No skinny jeans or leggings

  • Shorts and dresses should be near the knee.

  • No open-toed shoes

  • Graphics, logos, and text should support LVAES’ values

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