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Campus Goats!

What and Why

Today, perhaps more than ever, the innocence of our children is at risk.  At Linda Vista Adventist Elementary School, we believe that school should be a safe place that meets the needs of the whole child – body, heart, mind, and soul – and where children are inspired to want to learn.  We believe that education should be relevant, practical, and hands on.  We believe that academic growth is the natural outflow of a balanced, rich, and engaging childhood, and we have watched our test scores rise as we have invested heavily in developing the richness of our whole-child program.  We have Spanish-immersion classes, an award-winning robotics program, K-8 performing arts, character-driven athletics, STEAM lab classes, student gardens, a chicken club, and a brand-new nature-inspired playground.  At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, Linda Vista will be getting campus goats (Nigerian Dwarf) to encourage an atmosphere of joy and provide opportunities for caretaking and microbusiness for our students.


Total around $15,000

Barn: $6,500

Pasture Fencing: $5,000

Caretaking Supplies: $2,000

Two registered doelings from Oats & Ivy Farm in Somis: $700

Miscellaneous: $800

Material List

  • 4x6x16 @ 6

  • 4x6x10 @ 10

  • 2x6x10 @ 18

  • 2x6x8 @ 70

  • 2x4x8 @ 25

  • 1x6x8 T&G @ 50

  • 4x8 OSB @ 14

  • 4x8 Siding @ 26

  • Owens Corning Duration "Cool Gray" shingles

  • 4"x8' fence posts @ 62

  • 2x6x8 @ 124

  • 490 linear feet of 4"x4" woven sheep/goat fencing

Our Goats

We will be purchasing two registered Nigerian Dwarf doelings from Oats & Ivy Farm in Somis.  These doelings will be born in late May from Tada, Nebula, or Ernie.  Our goats will stay with their mothers through late August, when they will join our campus a couple weeks into the 2023-2024 school year.


Barn and Pasture Renderings

Barn 1.PNG
Barn 5.PNG
Barn Rendering 1.jpg
Barn Rendering 2.jpg
Campus Layout Rendering.jpg
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